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Ok. Enough of paying for zero returns and getting the run around on your digital marketing & SEO spend from so called "SEO" or digital marketing companies in Cleveland or Akron? We will PROVE results, not just send automated reporting. Google & Hubspot Certified.


Your Cleveland, OH-based digital marketing, SEO, social media, pay per click, web development & ANYTHING Marketing experts. Give us a try and you will not be disappointed. Google & Hubspot Certified….and more to come!

More About How 216 Marketing Can Help You

Forget what you think you know about SEO and realize that it isn’t a static solution. The rules are constantly changing as online behavior and abilities develop over time. Don’t think that you can just ‘wing-it’ or that you won’t need SEO in a few years time, SEO is here to stay!

Think about it, how can search engines display the most relevant results and how will searchers find what they are looking for? If these rules don’t constantly evolve, people will thwart the system. Before Penguin and Panda, blackhat methods reigned supreme, and you must admit that search engine results were not really fair. It was sort of like jungle justice, and users had to make do with irrelevant search results.

With the new SEO trend, relevance and value have taken center stage. Users are valuable and to reward them, search engines like Google provide them with relevant results.

Why You Need 216 Marketing Solutions

We understand the value of our customers and we want them to connect to their target market stress-free. We don’t just help you increase traffic to your website but ensure that you receive a return on your investment.

Take a look at our testimonials and reviews to see what our customers are saying!

216 Marketing Will Identify Your Target Market

SEO today is not just about funneling traffic, it is also about attracting customers who are interested in your products and services. At 216 Marketing, we think about demographics, what your target market is looking for and where they are located. A finely-tuned strategy is effective and produces results.

We’ll Get You Ready for Google’s Mobile-First Index

You don’t need any recent stats to know that the online mobile market is exploding. Come 2018, Google will initiate its mobile-first algorithm. This move will make mobile usage more important than desktops. Are you currently optimized for mobiles?

Optimizing your website is important to suit this new form of internet use. If potential customers are looking for you with their mobile devices, then you must make sure that you offer them a quality user experience.

Wanna Be Relevant? We Can Help!

Rather than focusing only on keywords and using it to increase your website ranking, we will take your target market into consideration and help you build a brand that will out-perform any keywords.

Intent or long tail keywords are some of the techniques we will use to make sure your content is relevant to searchers. It’s not always about numbers, it really all comes down to actual conversions, revenue, and profitability. We will not measure your keyword success in simple numbers, but use a calculation of your ROI (Return on Investment) to gauge your success.

How About Quality Links? Does Your Website Get Link Juice?

In the old days, off-Page optimization was all about link-building. Today, social signals and brand value are also part of the link building train. How many valuable backlinks, brand mentions, comments and social shares do you have?

Well, the answer doesn’t matter because you can never have too many! The experts at 216 Marketing based in Cleveland and Akron, Ohio will use many techniques to help grow your business. Inbound or backlinks are still critical and can act as a stamp of trustworthiness for any website. However, the quality of your links will also be a deciding factor.

Let’s help you build backlinks that will bring in more traffic and users from your target group with some, or all our services. As we work with you, simply watch your website and business will grow from strength to strength!

About The Tools We Use and The Services We Provide!

Search engines, consumer behavior, and website optimization and digital ads have all changed. Today, thanks to smarter and more advanced algorithms, search engines are smarter than ever before. They now understand, measure and reward websites for compliance. To stay compliant, you need a digital marketing service provider who cares.

Apart From SEO, We Also Offer The Below Services:

Pay Per Click Campaigns (PPC) That Boost ROI

Businesses across every industry can benefit from the instant results of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. PPC advertising allows you to access immediate search engine visibility. This is very useful for new websites or those who are trying to get a better search engine visibility.

Social Media Management For Brand Visibility

The experimentation age in social media marketing is over! Social advertising has proven to be a viable and profitable marketing channel for B2C and B2B companies of all sizes.

As many businesses realize the value of social media and jump on the bandwagon, it is more and more important to provide value to your followers. It is getting crowded and competitive that is why the folks at 216 Marketing will help you stand out from the crowd.

Marketing Automation That Is Hassle-free

216 Marketing develops goal-based campaigns using marketing automation to manage your leads. We are focused on the interests, behavior, and needs of customers and their prospects. This focus is why we create marketing automation that improves the users’ experience with your brand and increasing their desire to convert.

You can also use our services to effectively manage leads. Your marketing automation system is the heart of your lead generation and nurturing eco-system, so it is important that it is used effectively to manage and optimize your activities every step of the way — from initial lead capture to transferring qualified leads to your sales team.

216 IS The Number One Digital Marketing Agency in Cleveland & Akron!

Digital marketing activities like SEO, PPC (Pay Per Click), inbound marketing, marketing automation and social media management all work well together to complement your SEO efforts.

This means that you must create the right balance between organic SEO and paid ads. To really boost brand awareness and increase visibility for your website, choose a partner who is experienced and innovative.

216 Marketing is at the heart of digital marketing in Cleveland & Akron, Ohio. We offer expert services to optimize your business and grow your bottom line. With a full-service team of skilled digital marketing professionals that offer services in SEO, PPC, social media, marketing automation, reputation management, email marketing and so much more.

Check out our FAQs for answers to common questions. You can also contact us for a quote!

Just A Few Of Our Reviews

    review rating 5  If you're looking for quality website traffic and leads, look no further than 216 Marketing. I worked with Brett for years, and this guy is a seasoned SEO and Hubspot guru with years of real-world experience who produced REAL results for us. He'll do the same for you!

    thumb John Wiltgen

    review rating 5  216 Marketing is a company you can trust. Highly focused on whats most important for you and your company. Strategy first and everything else second. Focused and makes sure your time and money get spent wisely.

    thumb Michael Sindelar

    review rating 5  Been working with Brett for many years on multiple projects. The insight, knowledge and suggestions given were top notch and helped me stay ahead of the competition. He has helped with website builds, SEO, Hubspot and marketing strategy. I would not hesitate to work with 216 Marketing again.

    thumb Stuart Chamberlain