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1. How will I know whether a backlink will or will not be helpful for my SEO project?

You can expect SEO advantage only from do follow backlinks. The nofollow backlinks might assist you in increasing your site’s exposure and driving traffic, but you will not get any SEO advantage from them. However, that surely does not make the nofollow backlinks bad.

You can assess the value of a particular backlink by finding out how reputable the site linking to your website is. In addition, the content on that website must be relevant to your site. If the site linking to your website is well-known, the backlink thus obtained would be considered good.

You must remember that there are several high-quality websites that are completely unknown to you. This makes checking SEO metrics extremely important. That will allow you to analyze things like Page Authority, Citation Flow, Trust Flow, Domain Authority, the frequency at which the content of the site gets updated, how many external links the site has, user engagement, and so on.

2. Is PageRank a vital SEO metric?

As search engine giant Google has not updated its PageRank Toolbar for almost a couple of years (and also does not have any plan of doing so), it’s no more an important SEO metric. This has been confirmed even by Google officials.

3. Should I disavow or remove nofollow backlinks as they don’t offer any SEO advantage?

No, you should not. Disavowing or removing nofollow backlinks is recommended only if they are damaging your reputation or defaming you. For instance, you can get rid of those links if a gambling or porn website has linked to you.

Bad backlinks should first be removed and then disavowed; the rule should be followed irrespective of the fact whether it is a nofollow link or dofollow link. Good nofollow links, on the other hand, should not be disturbed as they might drive some relevant traffic to your site.

4. How much time Google’s disavow tool takes to work?

Google’s disavow tool typically works within just a few days of presenting your report. However, in some cases, Google might take several weeks for reviewing the report featuring the bad backlinks.

5. How much time will it take for me to recover from the penalty after cleaning up my backlink profile?

The duration depends on the kind of penalty you have been subjected to. Here are some possible scenarios:

If it is a manual penalty, Google will take 1 to 2 weeks for reviewing the reconsideration request.

If it’s an algorithm update penalty, it’s actually a case of Panda or Penguin. So, you will need to wait for the next Google Panda or Penguin algorithm update to occur. This means you might need to wait for several days to several months depending on when the previous update took place.

6. Is it possible that my website gets penalized and I don’t have any knowledge of it?

Yes. There are several cases where websites got filtered or penalized by Google algorithms and their owners didn’t have any clue about the event. Google Panda typically decreases the ranking of a website due to thin content. At times, websites also get penalized for featuring an excessive number of advertisements above its fold. Your website can get penalized even for not being mobile friendly.

7. I got penalized and now I am failing to recover my site’s rankings? Can I know why?

The majority of the Google penalties are triggered by bad backlinks. However, there can be exceptions. Here are the possible reasons why your site is yet to recover its rankings:

  • You are yet to clean all the bad backlinks you had
  • You have submitted an incomplete disavow report
  • Google has not updated its algorithms recently. For recovery, it’s important that Penguin and Panda issues a fresh update
  • The number of high-quality backlinks you have is not enough
  • The reconsideration request you submitted is yet to be reviewed
  • The website has some unknown issues
  • Your website’s content might also be the cause; when hit by a fresh Google update, the site’s content must undergo a revision

8. Does having good content guarantee high Google rankings?

That’s always not the case. It’s true that a site with high-quality content or content with the power of engaging readers have a greater chance of getting a higher rank on Google. However, that does not mean that good content guarantee’s success for your website. There are surely several other sites that might have content as impressive as the content on your site. Those sites will be ranked higher than you if they get good backlinks. In short, the combination of backlinks from famous, authoritative domains and good content will do the trick for you.

9. How long should be your articles for effective SEO?

Studies conducted over the years have shown websites featuring engaging and long content get higher ranks on Google. Articles carrying over 2000 words would increase your site’s chances of achieving a higher rank. Other than that, the content should be well documented and must answer questions your targeted readers might have in their mind.

10. What’s the right way of deleting backlinks?

The process of deleting backlinks might turn out to be challenging. When you decide that you don’t want a particular backlink, you will need to get in touch with the webmaster and request them to delete the link. Make sure you have a very friendly approach. Also, don’t forget to mention the location of the link.

You will not succeed in removing all bad links; for those, there’s Google’s Disavow Tool.

11. I have finally managed to build a few quality backlinks; how long will I have to wait for getting better rankings?

This FAQ SEO is probably a question most website owners want to get answered at some point during their journey. You must understand that results won’t arrive overnight. The process of optimization is a long one and requires a lot of patience. Your job is to make sure that you keep building high-quality backlinks. The time required tends to vary from one website to another. Some sites might take just a few weeks to see its rank increasing, while others might need to wait for months. As a site owner, you must focus only on building good links; your SEO would automatically improve.