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Free Email Templates

Do you need help supercharging customer communication and engagement for your business? Our free email templates can help you achieve just that!

In 2018, emails are still one of the most common customer service channels used by corporate organizations – big or small – to stay connected with their customers.

When it comes to email marketing, the look and content can make or break your relationship with your customers. Most customers prefer to read something tastefully created rather than something plain and simple.

Did you know that 80% of mobile users will delete an email just because of the way it looks?

A professionally-designed email can promote user engagement, getting you a higher click-through rate (CTR) and more conversions.

But here’s the problem…

Creating compelling email content is not easy plus the struggle of designing a template that will look snazzy and suit your business and brand message can be an uphill task.

Because many people don’t know how to create professional and effective content that will capture the attention of their users, 216 Marketing is offering some free email templates that can help.

Here are some of the benefits of our free email templates:

1. Run an effective marketing campaign

Without email marketing, you CANNOT run an effective marketing campaign. Emails are the key means of reaching your customers during your campaign.

The importance of emails for effective customers contact and engagement cannot be emphasized enough. Simply put, without this contact, you cannot be heard and your products and services will not generate sales.

Our templates are the best for running your campaigns in 2018. You don’t need to research email best-practices as we have this covered and most importantly is that you get the templates for FREE!

2. You will save a lot of time

63% of marketers spend about 2 -3 hours on email content and design for every campaign created. Sometimes, if the campaign is complex and requires several tests and approvals from multiple sources, it could even take longer to create the emails needed.

Our free email templates will let you simply plug in your content and create professional-looking emails for your business in seconds. This will save you a lot of time and money that you would otherwise have spent on a copywriter.

It will help you stay consistent

Consistency in your campaigns and business communication doesn’t only create a better experience for your customers, it also helps with customer retention. Some users will not engage with poorly branded content, and a lot of consumers will not give your brand a second chance if the first time was a disappointment.

Our free email templates will help introduce your brand as a more dependable company. You can add your logo, modify colors, and design aesthetics on the template with ease.

The result is a professional and user-friendly brand experience that your users will want to interact with time and time again.

4. Deliver a personalized experience

94% of companies say that a personal and customized service is critical to their success. I bet you’re wondering how email templates that are reusable can offer a personalized experience?

It’s easy. With our free email templates, you can add your content and change the design in any way you choose. It’s FREE, so you can simply go wild with personalization.

You can add simple customization features like your customer’s names, or even take it a notch higher by including other personal information like the weather, location, or re-targeting data.

With a personalized email template and great copy that speaks directly to your customers, you will have a bulletproof email campaign that’ll will increase conversions.

Want to get started with our free email templates?

If you’re ready to get started with our free email templates, first decide on the goals of your campaign. This will help you choose the best template for your needs.

Are you promoting a product or offering your customers a discount? Are you trying to increase customer engagement or encourage user-generated content on your website?

Let your goal define the type of email template you want and the content you’ll deliver.

But, no matter the type of template you settle on, the good news is that our email templates can reduce your email production time by hours or even days.  Here are a few to get you started, be on the lookout, there is more to come!

Don’t have the time?  216 Marketing can help you with your email marketing!