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How well your website performs is a major Google ranking factor.

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Your free website analysis will include:

  • Backlink analysis. How many links point to your site? We’ll help you determine relevant backlinks that may help to build your site’s authority.
  • Local online presence Where do you need to be present? We’ll help you determine how you can improve your presence where it counts.
  • Organic search analysis How are users finding your site today? We’ll help you find out what keywords your target customers use and implement those into your site content to help increase traffic.
  • Social media presence How many people are you reaching in your social network? Who are they? We’ll help you create strategies to engage more people and grow your audience.
  • Mobile performance How does your site perform on mobile devices? We’ll help determine improvements that optimize your site for easy mobile usability.

Once evaluated, we’ll walk with you through a comprehensive report so you understand your areas of strengths and opportunities. You’ll see how you compare to your competition when it comes to attracting and converting visitors. Based on your results, we’ll help you strategize ways to generate more traffic, leads, and customers for your business.

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Please note, you will not be able to receive the report if you have a, for example, Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. email account.  This free report is for businesses only, not personal websites.  Sorry.

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