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Sitemaps and search bots and indexes…OH MY! If submitting your website sounds like a complicated process, don’t worry — that’s why we’re here! The long-and-short of it is, we’ll help you create a sitemap that will allow your site to be indexed for future search queries and email that back to you for your hosting company to install.  This helps your Cleveland or Akron, OH business get found by thousands of potential customers you are not reaching now. Fill out the quick form below and we will submit your website to the major search engines and will send the XML file to be uploaded right away. All for free, we love helping our fellow Cleveland or Akron, OH area businesses.

What You Get With Your Free Website Submission

First, we will submit your website to make sure it is getting indexed in Google and Bing. Second, we will make an XML sitemap to Google and Bing can index your site properly and email it to you. Third, send this over to your hosting company to have them install it in the root directory (don't worry we can do this free with your hosting logins), or you if you are comfortable you can do it. Forth, we will submit your website to Google and Bing and voila, you are rocking and rolling.