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Our Customers

Our team has worked with over 200+ different clients (working for other companies) in the Cleveland and Akron, Ohio area and throughout the United States.  We didn’t think it was right to list all the awesome work we did with our previous employers.  So we wanted to start our own list of clients.  While working hard on obtaining a new client base, please ask us how we can become marketing partners.

We have worked with a number of industries including, real estate, pre-employment services, healthcare, manufacturing, contractors and more. Ask us how we can help your Cleveland or Akron, OH company!  We are Google and Hubspot certified.

Although we can help ANY industry with any solution, below a few examples of how one digital media source might help in a particular industry.

Real Estate

When it comes to real estate, we are experts in creating exciting digital marketing campaigns that will engage your target audience in ways you didn’t think were possible before. Alluring graphics, relevant content, compelling social media campaigns…you name it! We have all the tools you need to drive your leads and sales through the roof.

But more than just using new marketing tools, we focus on creating a comprehensive strategy that will increase your brand awareness and market presence. We skip no step of the process and will fully audit your company, sketch a marketing strategy, and create a roadmap to your real estate business goals.

Besides supplying the creative push that your company needs, we will also provide all the support you need to keep your marketing campaign on track. This includes tuning your strategy to help you reach new goals, adapt to the changing market conditions, and target your audience more effectively to increase your leads and conversions.

Pre-Employment Services

Our social media management services are tailored to give your pre-employment agency the edge you need to beat the competition. We’ll use the latest search engine data to target your audience on social media with attractive ads that will generate more leads for your website.

We are experts at creating strong, attractive campaigns that will not just generate more leads, but also increase your organic search ranking and website traffic. Whether it’s by advertising jobs that will interest your audience or by increasing your brand awareness, we’ll keep your current and potential customers updated with news and other items that will interest them.

Don’t fall into the same trap that other pre-employment services agencies fall for. Our social media management services will help you tap audiences most of your competitors haven’t even reached yet and turn your companies social media into one that your audience is looking for, not only for information but to keep in contact with them with the latest legal trends for pre-employment.


With more people than ever going online to find medical advice, good SEO marketing is essential to the success of your medical practice. To make this possible, we focus on making our clients’ websites as visible as possible in order to attract a steady flow of new visitors and increase their conversion rate.

Our staff of SEO specialists will optimize your website and rank it on the top of the search results. Not by using a keyword-stuffing approach, but by studying which keywords are vital to the success of your business. Once we’ve picked the best search terms for you we can optimize your website with useful, authoritative content that will keep your visitors coming back for more.  We also focus on making your site very pleasing to Google, Yahoo and Bing by optimizing it for best results.

We love helping medical professionals in Cleveland, Akron and nationwide. Whether you’re looking to attract new patients or increase the number of procedures done in your practice, our SEO services are the most cost-effective strategy that you can use to reach your business goals.


If your company is a manufacturing industry we can help you go the extra mile you need to beat your competition. As digital marketing company based in Cleveland, OH, our focus is on creating attractive campaigns that will generate new leads and keep your loyal customers engaged.

We will create marketing campaigns that will take your manufacturing products and services to new, untapped audiences. But don’t worry about the details. Our marketing automation services are designed so that you can focus on running your company and seeing the results while we take care of the nitty-gritty details for you.  We are a Hubspot certified agency but use many platforms to achieve this.

Anytime that you need more information on how your digital marketing campaigns are performing you can get it easily through our business systems and your CRM. Get real-time feedback on leads, sales opportunities, accounts, and more without going through the trouble of developing and running a comprehensive marketing strategy yourself!

We also help a number of trades companies in the Cleveland, OH area such as Cleveland HVAC companies, Cleveland Fence Installation and a Furniture Company.

In addition we also service many Mobile eCommerce Store websites.