It’S 2017 – Are You Practicing Good SEO?

SEO Cleveland, OH


Audience-driven results

If you can’t find you online, neither can your customers. That’s where SEO will help you. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) defines the culmination of many components of your website that increase your online presence and findability. “Good” SEO is developed with your target audience in mind.

How do they search, research and shop for your services?

Where are they going for information?

What information are they looking for?

How should you talk to them?

Free Website AnalysisProviding content, tools and support that answers these questions helps deliver the right leads to your site, and converts these leads into customers who trust you for guidance and to get the results. And as the most cost-effective marketing strategy, SEO sounds logical, right? Great, so let’s get started!

Oh, hold on…so, I need to optimize my email, social channels, a blog and what else? What is keyword research? Google algorithm…sounds like a disease? Backlinks? Ugh…more like I need a back massage! How am I supposed to keep track of all of this AND keep growing my business?

Cleveland SEO Experts at your service

Even if you don’t have the team, or the time, to dedicate to optimizing your digital presence for search engines, there are many companies you can turn to to help boost your page rankings and increase your site’s traffic. There are even many companies who boast “big results for big clients”. And many of these companies are focused heavily on their ping pong scores and selling the sweetest company swag.

We are not one of those companies. We are 216 Marketing, a newly established digital marketing company in Cleveland, Ohio. As a small business, we specialize in helping small businesses grow their online presence and lead generation. Our digital marketing experts carry more than 20 years of physical and digital advertising experience and customer service. As seasoned marketing vets, our goal is to understand your business objectives in order to develop strategies that will help you build relationships with your customers. Through integrated content marketing, we will help you increase the performance of your marketing efforts by engaging and converting your target audience.

We are here and are here to stay.