5 Non-Technical Social Media Tips For Small Business

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If you haven’t caught the social media craze yet, you are missing out on a valuable marketing platform. Small businesses worldwide have keyed in and a lot of them are making their way into new markets and grabbing a large piece of the social pie. For those who are social and are not engaging their users in conversation, you risk losing valuable customers and prospects.

You don’t have to be a digital marketing genius to excel at social media. In fact, many non-technical social strategies don’t require you to know anything about PPC or CPC, simply following some basic tactics will help you generate organic traffic.

5 Non-Technical Social Media Tips For Small Business Small business marketers who don’t have a social media expert as their account manager can also harness the power of social networking sites.

Free Website AnalysisCheck out the below 5 basic tips to help boost your brand and engage your followers:

1. Show them the real you Businesses know that social media is a popularity game, and so do their customers. Your brands’ social account will be seen as a marketing tool unless you show them the real you! Show off a photograph of your real image or a picture of your team at work. A human face behind the corporate brand will create a connection to your users on a personal level. We all love to commission amazing graphics designers to create web banners that will blow the minds of our social media users, this is great, but will not create that personal connection. Sometimes less is more, and keeping it real will actually get you more attention.

Create a photo album that tells the story of how your product or service was conceived. Show your audience that there are real human beings behind the ideas you’re selling to them.

2. Expert, Authoritative and Trustworthy (EAT) Many brands make the mistake of sharing content that is not trustworthy, just to be social. You don’t want to be one of these brands. As a small business owner, you should strive to command attention in your industry. To succeed at this, you must be an expert in your topic of conversation. Even when you are talking about children’s toys, Xbox games etc. always provide authoritative information and you will eventually generate trusty followers. Social media users are impatient and have a short attention span. So when you create content, ensure that it is authoritative and from a trusted source. You will find that users will become loyal once they discover that what you share on social media is reliable. You will become the go-to business for information in that category.

3. Ask your audience questions This strategy is simple and effective. Some small businesses have a lot of success with it, while others will not. How you apply it is what will determine its chances of success.

Have you ever come across a social media business wall that looks one-sided? Day after day, the account manager creates posts with no response from followers. This is bad and can mean that your content is either extremely boring or you are not asking the right questions. Ask your audience questions and give them the chance to respond. You can ask anything, it doesn’t have to be related to the products or services you offer and can be a question about their Halloween experience or about where to go for the best burgers. The idea is to engage and get people involved in your social activities.

4. Like and follow your customers. Don’t like or follow in a spammy way! Don’t try to be a black hat guru and like hundreds of accounts at once because your account may get blocked. Genuinely like your customer’s posts and follow those who offer valuable information. Instead of just asking them to like your account all the time, you can start by liking and following first. You will get some reciprocal likes and follows, but this is not the main idea. Basically, you want to show your customers that you’re keeping abreast of what they are doing and following their life experiences.

5. Listen listen listen! The last tip is to listen. This might sound like an easy strategy but many small businesses get overwhelmed by social media activities and fail to listen to what their customers have to say. Talk less about your brand, in fact, create a strategy that mentions your brand in only 10% of your posts and use the remaining 90% to talk about what matters to your customers. Talk about their experiences with your product or service, talk about ways to improve the experience, give them how to tips that may or may not concern your offerings, generally, you want to be ‘big brother’ on the social network.

These 5 strategies will cost you nothing and are a great way to gain trust and engage your users. No matter how much money you spend on social ads, you are nothing without a trustworthy brand. To earn trust, you must offer value and show your followers that you truly care about the things that they care about.