9 Tools To Boost Small Business Social Media

Social Media Small Business


Sometimes, navigating through social media advice is just like sailing through treacherous waters. Some digital marketers have got it right, while others use methods that will take up all of your time.

I’ve heard some people say that social media management requires a personal touch to connect with users on an individual level. What I’ve found out is that you need to use social media tools to help you be more efficient and productive.

These tools can help make your social media management and marketing a success. They can keep you organized and help you accomplish your goals with ease. Most importantly, some of these tools have a free plan or trial offer, so you don’t have to spend any money until you’re sure you can’t do without it.

Here Are 9 Tools To Boost Small Business Social Media:

1. Hootsuite

Whether you are a digital marketer handling different accounts, or a small business owner trying to get a handle on things, HootSuite will make posting on social media easier. You can add your social media accounts and schedule posts across several networks at once.

Also, Hootsuite has a robust training platform where you can learn not only about the tool but about social media networking as a whole. It has a free plan that is great for small businesses who don’t have the budget for fancy tools.

Here’s what the Hootsuite free plan offers:

  • Ability to manage 3 social profiles
  • Schedule posts for up to 30 days in advance
  • Generate leads by creating social contests

It also comes with basic analytics for monitoring your account and activities. The insights offered can help foster growth and makes decision making so much easier.

2. Buffer

Posting on social networks is the main activity that builds up your audience over time. But when you create content, is not always the best time to post it!

Just like Hootsuite, Buffer can help you post to multiple social media networks on a schedule.

After spending time researching and developing content, you will want to post it at different times of the day or week for maximum visibility. The Buffer app helps you solve this problem by allowing you to schedule your posts for sharing at specific times of the day. And not only that, Buffer provides other amazing features such as analytics for all of the posts you send out.

3. Trendsmap

Trendsmap allows users to view trends at a glance. You can see what Twitter users in different geographical locations are talking about.

From a global viewpoint, you can see what people in London, Ontario, Sydney etc. are talking about. This is a really good way to stay updated and post content that is deemed as ‘currently relevant’.

It easier to make trending topics become viral. So if you post engaging content that is trending in your location, chances are that it could go viral. At least, it will get a lot of engagement through user-generated content.

4. Google Alerts

If you haven’t been using Google Alerts, then you’ve been missing out on a very valuable digital marketing tool. It is one of the most widely used business tools on the web and most importantly, it’s free.

With Google alerts, you can keep up with specialized topics or someone in the news you want to monitor. Simply enter a search term and set up a Google Alert to notify you by email when there’s news on the topic.

With Google Alerts you can grow your traffic, brand, and revenue by accessing thousands of targeted data right in your inbox.

5. HubSpot Website Grader

While there are many tools that help you create and publish social content, Hubspot makes it easy for you to monitor and access vital reporting data from a URL.

What this means is that you can see what channels drive the most engagement, and also monitor your campaigns and sales funnels to see what content and strategies are driving actual leads and sales.

6. TweetDeck

If Twitter is key to your social media success, then TweetDeck is probably the most valuable social management tool for you!

With TweetDeck you can leverage the power of custom timelines to organize and manage your lists and searches. You can also add team accounts to this free and effective Twitter management tool.

Even though TweetDeck is not an all-in-one solution, it is an excellent tool for digital marketers who manage several Twitter accounts at once and need a way to centralize live conversations for business success.

7. Splice

Video marketing is important in today’s social media campaigns. It captures the imagination of your followers and keeps them more engaged than texts or images.

If you’ve ever created videos for your social media accounts, then you probably know that even a short one-minute video can take hours or days to produce.

Thankfully, Splice will help make the video creation process easier and more intuitive. It has an easy-to-use app on iPhone and produces some amazing and eye-catching videos that you can share on social media literally only a few seconds after production.

8. AdEspresso

AdEspresso is a social tool that makes Facebook advertising more effective. You can manage your Facebook and Instagram ads and A/B test your campaigns.

Many marketers overlook the importance of optimizing their ads after it’s live, but for the best results, every campaign you run should be tweaked to make it even more successful. AdEspresso can help you achieve just that!

9. Canva

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and on social media, this is a FACT.

Have you ever posted an image that got more attention than a post that you spent so much time developing?

Well, this happens all the time.

Visual content can really boost social campaign results and with Canva, you can create great quality visuals without the help of an expert designer.

Canva simplifies DIY image designing allowing just about anybody to easily and quickly create professional banners, memes, and images for their social and blog posts.

The toughest part of social media marketing is staying relevant. Even big brands sometimes have a problem connecting with their fan base. These tools can help make your social media activities more engaging and most of all, productive.

But remember, simply using a productivity tool is not all you need to get results. You need expertise and skill to grab a chunk of your target market. This is where an experienced social media manager can help.