PPC vs SEO – Which Is The Better Option?

The stats around Google’s pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is quite mind-boggling. A full 97% of Google’s revenue comes from PPC advertising. This totals to a whopping $21 billion annually. For a company which owns YouTube, Android, WhatsApp and dozens of other profitable brands, the sheer percentage it gets from PPC speaks volumes about how lucrative PPC […]

9 Tools To Boost Small Business Social Media

  Sometimes, navigating through social media advice is just like sailing through treacherous waters. Some digital marketers have got it right, while others use methods that will take up all of your time. I’ve heard some people say that social media management requires a personal touch to connect with users on an individual level. What […]

6 Reasons Marketing Automation Software is a MUST For Small Businesses

At its most fundamental level, marketing automation software is all about optimization. It helps you optimize your employees time, optimize the focus and efforts of your sales team, optimize your digital marketing campaigns and so much more. The scope of a marketing software goes far beyond automating your marketing departments repetitive tasks. It can help […]

Is Your SEO Company Is Selling You Snake Oil?

When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO) there is a thin line between incompetence and a scam. Too many people are getting ripped off online and this is simply because they cannot tell the difference between a genuine SEO expert and a rip-off. Hardly a day goes by without some sordid tale about an […]

Why You Should Invest in Local SEO In Cleveland, OH

If you’re looking for a business and want to ensure your experience is a good one, chances are you start with an online search. You might look for just a name and street address, or you could be browsing online reviews to weigh your options.  But when you’re doing that search, chances are you don’t […]