6 Reasons Marketing Automation Software is a MUST For Small Businesses

At its most fundamental level, marketing automation software is all about optimization. It helps you optimize your employees time, optimize the focus and efforts of your sales team, optimize your digital marketing campaigns and so much more. The scope of a marketing software goes far beyond automating your marketing departments repetitive tasks. It can help […]

Marketing Automation Tips For Real Estate

How do you get home buyers who are using your website to shop more engaged? How do you identify the best time to offer them a partnership? Answering these questions can be quite challenging. The audience behavior in the real estate industry is continually changing. Unfortunately, in some cases for the industry, it has not […]

How To Use Hubspot Lists And Emails [2 Parts]

There are 2 parts to this post. Part 1 covers 10 amazing tasks you can complete your business using HubSpot lists. Part 2 covers how to generate emails for marketing using the lists you created. ┬áSome really good stuff here. ┬áThis is just the tip of the iceberg of the things you can do with […]