9 Tools To Boost Small Business Social Media

  Sometimes, navigating through social media advice is just like sailing through treacherous waters. Some digital marketers have got it right, while others use methods that will take up all of your time. I’ve heard some people say that social media management requires a personal touch to connect with users on an individual level. What […]

The Best 5 Digital Marketing Tips to Get More Leads for Loan Officers

You could be the best loan officer in the mortgage industry, but let’s face it – if you aren’t marketing properly, you won’t be driving business. So, make sure you are incorporating these digital marketing tips into your strategy. Create High Quality Content Regardless of whether you are using email blasts, Facebook posts, or Instagram […]

5 Of The Best Corporate Social Media Campaign Fails

Brands must be careful what they say on social media communities. An ill-planned social campaign or post could come back to bite you. From major online media brands to popular snacks manufacturers, everyone is susceptible to a social media faux pas. Businesses worldwide use social media campaigns to win customers, but an ill-advised tweet or […]

5 Non-Technical Social Media Tips For Small Business

If you haven’t caught the social media craze yet, you are missing out on a valuable marketing platform. Small businesses worldwide have keyed in and a lot of them are making their way into new markets and grabbing a large piece of the social pie. For those who are social and are not engaging their […]