11 Simple Tips About Small Business Digital Marketing Trends (updated)


Updated November 20, 2017

As we all know that the landscape of online marketing is shifting and becoming more and more competitive with every passing year. Based on digital marketing statistics of 2017, we can see that to be a successful marketer online you have to explore the 11 of the best marketing strategies as explained in this article below. So, in order to be ahead of the competition, what do you have to do as a small business digital marketing strategist in Cleveland, OH? You have to learn the tricks faster than anyone else! And when I say faster I mean, you must know what is working, where and how it works within a given a period of your digital marketing journey.

But how can you be able to achieve this target? Learn from the influencers or experts. Influencers are the “golden goose” of today’s digital marketing strategies. First, they have an established voice of authority and secondly they have mastered the art of digital marketing for either small, medium or any type of business.

What are the best 11 digital marketing strategies for small business entrepreneurs?

1. Social Media Marketing

Free Website AnalysisSocial media marketing is one way of gaining traffic or attention from social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and others. Working with a well-defined social media marketing strategy – you can easily promote your products and services to potential customers including the general public.

For example, according to this data, the power base of social networking is expected to be 2.95 billion users by 2020. And as we speak, for instance, 60% of the population in North America alone has at least one social media account, and from the 2016 social media statistics, nearly 2.5 billion comments are made on Facebook pages every single month. So, why not tap into this gold mine to grow your small business as an online entrepreneur?

2. Email Marketing

If there is one digital marketing strategy you should implement from the first day of starting your online business, it is building an email list.


Because you own it and you can use it whenever you want to reach out to your prospects and customers. In its broadest sense, commercial emails sent to potential or current customers can help you to understand their unique behaviors and keeping yourself engaged with them all the time.

You don’t have to worry when you need to announce a new product or a sale. Because you have already established a relationship with your customers and you’re always in touch with them. And besides that, if you’re the type of entrepreneur who wishes to reap the benefits of digital marketing, but you do not enjoy so much of the social chaos, your inbox can be a place of solitude from the social media chaos.

3. Using a Blog to market your business

Never overlook the potential rewards a blog can provide to your small business. It is the best way that smart digital marketers use to sell their businesses to the public. It is the best way you can enforce your brand as an expert so as your customers or readers can trust you in a particular field.

Bearing this in mind, use your blog to create a strong connection by sharing valuable content and hopefully encourage your readers or customers to visit your site regularly for more information or even more purchases.

4. Make use of local SEO

Definitely improving the SEO of your website translates into getting more traffic (customers) and ultimately making more sales. Google’s love for quality content and making use of Local SEO to rank for specific keywords that target a specific audience in your field can heavily and positively impact on your ROI (Return on Investment)

5. Networking with other people

Business networking is so powerful for entrepreneurs. It improves communication and creates a strong presence in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. So, using this digital marketing strategy productively can help you along the way to build a strong relationship with other entrepreneurs from different age groups, nationality, and other fields of interest

6. Mobile video digital marketing strategy

According to marketers, video advertising is taking the digital marketing space by storm. It is estimated to reach $6 billion by 2018 to be spent in the United States alone. Marketers are using video apps to engage their audiences in tasks. So, as a small business entrepreneur, you can also dive into it and share your high-quality videos with your customers where ever they are. Youtube users are already reaping from this digital marketing strategy.

7. Re-marketing

We have only one chance to make a great first impression, and now thanks to re-marketing, we can now reach and convert people who are at the last stage of the buying cycle. It is done by using tracking cookies to target users based on their web activities.

If you’ve ever visited a specific website and then started seeing ads that are related to the services or locale of that website, you’ve experienced behavioral targeting. Re-marketing harnesses the power of behavioral targeting and is a great way to focus only on prospects who will easily become paying customers.

This digital marketing trend is not just limited to website visitors, but can also be used to target people who have used your mobile app. It is a clever way to connect with your website visitors who may not have made an immediate purchase or inquiry. Re-marketing will save you money, get you more leads and conversions, engage your website visitors and maximize your marketing ROI.

8. Guest posting

Content is the reason for a huge percentage of online conversations, especially in social media communities like Facebook and Twitter. It can be very engaging and influential.

Guest posting or blogging is a really effective way of developing relationships in new communities and building website backlinks for better SEO. It simply involves creating content and posting it on someone else’s blog or website.

If providing content is a key element in your service delivery, then guest posting will help boost your overall SEO and increase your domain authority in that niche. Connecting with other bloggers by guest posting will enable you to expand your influence and engage new prospects, which will eventually lead to increased website traffic.

Perhaps, one of the best aspects of guest posting is that it gives you access to an already-established community to share your message. It allows you to connect with new prospects, which will ultimately benefit your business if done right.

9. Multimedia storytelling

A multimedia story is usually a combination of text, images, video clips, audio and interactive elements all presented on web properties. Instead of reading static or structured content, the user can decide to navigate through the multimedia elements of a story.

Multimedia storytelling is an effective way of engaging customers. Rather than having a text version of a story followed by a video clip, which tells the same story, you can create different parts of the story with different interactive media so the user is interacting with your content.

This type of content can be used on social media, blogs, and websites to encourage sharing and website visits. The key is to present the story in a very compelling and informative format. When done right, multimedia stories can convey emotions and build empathy in ways that other formats cannot.

10. Webinars

Short for Web Seminars, webinars are online presentations, lectures, workshops or seminars transmitted to website visitors with video conferencing software.

Webinars can drive massive growth for any type of business. It is not only useful for tutorials and training but can also be used to share valuable information about your business, products, and services. Webinars are not new, but many brands ignore the power of this digital marketing tool, while others do really poor webinars that don’t convert.

Try the below tips to get your webinar in front of your target audience:

  • Choose the right topic.
  • Don’t do too many webinars. Think quality, not quantity.
  • Make it visually appealing.
  • Let people know its FREE!
  • Show your human side.
  • Engage users with offers.
  • Make it interactive.

11. Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing

PPC is important for the success of your online businesses, especially those that have a marketing budget. When you create a PPC campaign, you only pay when someone clicks on your ads. For example, Google Adwords campaigns are a good way to get visibility on the Google search engine and other partner websites, but you are only charged when users click on your ad.

Many small businesses underestimate the power of PPC and as a result, they miss out on a great opportunity to grow their online businesses faster.

Whether it is done through Google Adwords, Facebook, Bing or even Twitter, PPC is an excellent way to reach your target audience fast. It is especially useful for businesses that want to run a short-term campaign as it isn’t very sustainable for those without deep pockets.