The Best 5 Digital Marketing Tips to Get More Leads for Loan Officers

Loan Officer Tips

You could be the best loan officer in the mortgage industry, but let’s face it – if you aren’t marketing properly, you won’t be driving business. So, make sure you are incorporating these digital marketing tips into your strategy.

  1. Create High Quality Content

Regardless of whether you are using email blasts, Facebook posts, or Instagram stories to reach potential clients, ensure that the content you are producing is of high quality. That means no cliché stock images, and absolutely no typos. You want your online presence to reflect the professionality you offer in real life.

Be sure to rely heavily on visual content, as it grabs consumers’ attention quickly. Plus, it is four times as likely to be shared than a post of text. Looking to spread some expertise on loans, or homes in general? Throw in an infographic. They are easy to generate and are sure to make an impact.

  1. Boost Your Social Media Presence

As in any industry, social media has taken over. That means that part of your job is to use it to your advantage.

Ensure that your social media platforms give a clear picture of the services you offer, display your expertise, and stay up-to-date. Make it easy for anyone on your account to immediately understand your business. Always include a call to action in your posts, and have your contact information clearly accessible on your page.

Of course, social media is about more than just the content. You could have a stunningly designed page filled with information, but still struggle to get followers. To amplify your reach, there are a couple things you can do. First, be sure that you have your social accounts on your business card, and encourage pre existing clients to add you on these platforms. Second, you can pay to have your posts reach more people. If you are looking to gain traction, this may be a worthwhile investment.

  1. Email Effectively

While it is tempting to try to sell yourself whenever you are reaching out to leads, this has shown not to be the most effective approach. So, do not send out constant blasts about what you offer; instead, write about the industry at large, showing your own expertise.

Keep a schedule with your newsletters, so your audience knows when to expect content from you. Do not bombard them, or they may unsubscribe, but email frequently enough to keep them interested.

One strategy to keep your readers engaged is to write about one of your most compelling experiences in the industry, but instead of giving it all away at once, leave a cliffhanger so they will be sure to open your next email with the continuation of the story.

Again, as with any piece of marketing, do not send an email out without including a call to action.

Don’t have time to write your own emails? Not a problem! You can always hire freelance writers that are versed in the topic via popular companies like Upwork or Scripted.

  1. Interact

An important aspect of a successful marketing campaign is to promote engagement. There are a few different ways that as a loan officer you can accomplish this.

First, the easiest way to connect in general – ask questions! Generate authentic conversations with your audience without exclusively thinking of the bottom line. Never underestimate the power of word of mouth, and people are more likely to recommend someone if they have had a positive personal interaction. So, talk directly to the people who are following your marketing! Ask questions, discuss, and always reply to comments or queries. Plus, asking questions will also give you information about consumer behavior that might be difficult to attain otherwise.

Another great way to promote interactions is to ask customers for reviews, ideally right before the closing date on the loan. Certain sites have sections for reviews, or you can ask them directly. Future clients will feel safer trusting their money with someone with good reviews, so having these available will be beneficial. If someone leaves a review that highlights your expertise, feel free to highlight it on your social media, or quote it in your marketing content!

Be sure to thank your customers for positive reviews! If you do receive a negative review, be sure to comment publicly and apologize, offering to fix the issue if applicable.

There is some software out there like Trustspot that can assist with the process as well.

  1. Create a Database

Creating a database is crucial in maintaining organization and growing your network. An effective marketing strategy is not only reaching out to potential leads, but learning from their answers to your questions. From this, you can gain valuable industry insights.

You should also be tracking which of your platforms gains the most traction, then go on to analyze which types of posts spark engagement. Whichever are the most successful can be emulated in the future.

We know how much time this can take up, if you need any assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.