Why Is Site Speed & Good Website Development and Planning Good For SEO?

Between 1990 and now, the internet has continued to grow, hence, what used to work some years ago, may have changed. Have you ever wondered why your Cleveland area website has not been able to rank well in Google? We know how frustrating it can be, after putting in so much work, you suddenly discover your ranking on Google is note doing so well.

Don’t feel discouraged, do some research and find out why your site is not performing well on Google. Some years ago, the requirements for getting a positive ranking from Google did not include factors like site speed, site accessibility, and responsiveness, etc.

Recently, Google has made these factors an integral part of getting ranked on Google. This is invariably saying that if your Cleveland area website has a poor site speed, then that may just be one of the possible reasons why a site has failed to rank with Google.

With the ever-evolving trend in innovative technologies, modern sites are beginning to have more features and properties than ever before, and it has gotten to the point where a lot of these sites are constantly struggling to attain some level of performance over different devices and network conditions.

There is no doubt that performance issues occur in varying degrees; however, they either create minor delays that may briefly annoy your site’s users, or the performance issues could be really bad for them.

No one wants to spend time on a site that takes more than 3 seconds to load, and that is why we cannot overemphasize the importance of the site’s performance, as a function of the site’s speed. Performance plays a very important role in the success of your online business in Northeast Ohio.

Different researches have been carried out about site speed, and overall performance of some sites and the result showed that there were some sites that were performing well, with proper engagement, conversions and search engine results, as opposed to the sites that performed lowly.

Here are some examples of sites that performed well:

  • When the social media site Pinterest paid attention to their site speed and reduced the load times of the site by 40%, it was discovered that there was some increased traffic from search engines, and even sign-ups enjoyed some 15% increase.
  • COOK took their site load time seriously, and cut it by 850 milliseconds, and that singular action brought some positive results to the site because the bounce rates decreased by 7%, conversions increased by 7%, and also there was a 10% increase to the pages per session.

The above are examples of high performing sites, let us take a look at sites that experienced the negative impact caused by their low performance:

  • According to DoubleClick by Google, pages that took more than 3 seconds to load, had issues, and about 53% of the sites got abandoned by potential customers who may have been able to bring some positive feedback on the sites.
  • For times when the BBC site took extra seconds to load, it was discovered that they lost 10% of their site users for the extra seconds where page did not load.

Still with the aid of DoubleClick by Google, a research was carried out again, and there were clear indications that sites that loaded fast reported in monthly reporting. In about 5 seconds, it had a higher advert visibility of 25%, lower bounce rates of 35%, and longer sessions of 70%, as opposed to sites that used more than 19 seconds.

If you intend to get some information about your site’s speed and performance, with regards to the competitors, then you may use this tool: Check out the Speed Scorecard tool.

As a business owner, site speed and performance are very important factors to consider if you intend to have good conversions through better search results. It is important to know that slow sites have a lot to do with this. They usually have a negative effect on search marketing. Some sites have taken the cue to improve their organic search performance, by first reducing the page load time.

Below are some examples:

  • In the case of Mobify, the decrease in site load speed resulted in an increase in conversion of about 1.11%, and thus they were able to enjoy a revenue increase that was almost $380,000. Furthermore, the checkout page was not left out of the performance improvement, as the decrease in the speed of the diner was showing that there was an increase in the conversion by 1.55% and revenue of about $530,000.
  • AutoAnything also took the initiative of reducing its page load time, because they enjoy a 12 to 13% boost in the buckets.
  • DoubleClick also made a reduction, and it loaded quickly, and better than some other websites where loading.

In order for you speed up your site and rank well on Google, you need to optimize the images on your site, use compressed codes, and use much fewer ads and external scripts. The internet is evolving and also developing at the same time; hence, more people are beginning to do something about their sites, and have also begun to pay more attention to their site’s performance, ranking, and search engine optimization (SEO).

Your Cleveland area website may not be given the proper attention it needs, which is why it has not been able to get ranked by Google Bing. If you are looking to get a Cleveland Web Design, then you have come to the right place for search engine optimization Cleveland. 216 Marketing has been the Cleveland SEO experts for years.

It is imperative that you have a proper plan and SEO strategies for the website, including hiring a SEO agency that can provide the awesome SEO services and SEO campaigns. The idea is to improve the performance, while making the page loading speed faster that will enable Google and other search engines better ranking for your website.

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