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Let Us Deliver You The Right Customers

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Let Us Deliver You The Right Customers

216 Marketing is a digital agency based in Akron and Cleveland that creates integrated and effective email marketing strategies for your digital marketing campaigns. We help our clients reach their business goals and boost brand awareness by leveraging the power of email.

Our strategy is a performance-driven process that delivers great results 100% of the time. We assist brands in connecting with their customers across various industries and help them earn a return on their investment.

If you have an email list or database, it’s time to put it to productive use. We will help you incorporate the best timing, design, segmentation, white-listing, and black-listing; there’s so much more that goes into email marketing than simply sending out emails.

Our digital marketing services includes:

  • Email Design & Development
  • Email performance analysis
  • List building and segmentation
  • Customer targeting
  • Email automation

The 216 email marketing team at our Cleveland-based office offers a full-service email marketing service that is effective in increasing sales and boosting awareness of your products and services. Our services are not only for businesses based in Cleveland, Ohio but are also available to the rest of the world.

What You Can Expect From Our Email Marketing Service

Your website isn’t the only place you can connect with your users. A well-optimized email marketing campaign will enable you efficiently leverage your mailing list and engage your customers. It is one of the most important revenue drivers used by seasoned marketers to grow a website’s user base.

With our service, you can grow your client-base at an affordable rate. We create engaging copy that will promote customer retention and engagement.

Our experts focus on your marketing needs and growth potential to deliver the best services for your business. From newsletters to brand news, we handle all of your email marketing needs with a personal touch.

With 216 Marketing, you can keep track of the progress of your email marketing campaign with ease. Instead of using software generated emails, our experienced and skilled experts will create impressive and shareable content that is guaranteed to increase your conversion rate.

A Skilled Team

Our email marketing services are based heavily on data. The 216 email marketing team is made of trained and experienced marketers who will utilize your customer list efficiently. We will also help you develop new prospect opportunities.

Email Automaton

At 216, we will create automated drip campaigns, engage and re-engage with your customers, and create promotional messages that will drive sales. We will set up your email campaign to run on a convenient and productive schedule.

Affordability and Value

Our email marketing service is cheap, easy, and valuable. It is a tool that should be part of your marketing arsenal. The service is important because emails are used by most people every day, so it makes sense to reach customers on a platform that they are most likely to visit.

Targeted Campaigns

216 will manage and maintain an engaging relationship between you and your subscribers. We are experts at segmenting or slicing your subscriber lists to create targeted email marketing campaigns.


Email marketing through 216 has never been easier and more efficient. Our emails and newsletters have a high delivery rate without failure or accidental email filtering. We will test your emails extensively with popular spam filters. Using all the major desktops and web-based email clients, we will ensure that your email doesn’t end up in the spam boxes.

Reporting and Analytics

216 Marketing offers targeted and focused email marketing services to businesses. We use data, technology, and proven digital marketing techniques to find your ideal customers. We present our clients with reports so they can make actionable decisions based on marketing data.

Our email marketing service will keep you up to date with vital information. From who clicked your email to the bounced emails. From the number of complaints registered to the number of people who unsubscribed. Our monitoring and reporting systems provide insightful indicators across multiple campaigns to help you analyze your sent emails.

This is Our 4-Pronged Approach to Success…

1. We Plan – Efficient Campaign Planning and Strategy

Every email campaign begins with a plan. To succeed at it, the plan must be effective. We will evaluate your audience, your products and services, and your goals to develop a comprehensive email marketing strategy that will produce results.

2. We Create and Execute – Enhanced Email Design and Execution

We will design an email campaign with that will be customized to your business model. Before we launch the campaign, we will create a core foundation that is guaranteed to produce long-term success.

3. We Optimize – Campaign Optimization

We plan, create, execute and optimize your email marketing campaigns. After your campaign has been created and active, we will monitor the performance to ensure that it is optimal.

Some email marketers make the mistake of executing a campaign and sit back expecting magical results. We understand that every email campaign is different and will receive a different response. This is why we modify and optimize for the best results.

4. We Analyze – Effective Analysis and Decision Making

The best way to analyze and modify an email campaign is by using analytics and reporting tools. We use innovative techniques that will adapt to your existing business processes. We can track open and click-through rate in emails, run email surveys, landing page visits and more,

Aside from the benefits that these tools offer marketers, they can also provide better insight for all stakeholders.

216 Marketing is a Digital Agency That Gets Results!

We create email campaigns that grow brands and help businesses thrive by using tools that produce sustainable results.

216 Marketing has the expertise to deliver a tried and tested email marketing campaign that will help you stay connected to your customers. We use innovative email marketing techniques that can measure all the important elements of your campaign like email delivery, opt-ins, user interactions and more.

Our email marketing services are a perfect choice for organizations who want inbound marketing and automation. Because we offer a holistic approach to email as a marketing strategy, you will discover that it is a more affordable and proactive way of engaging your customers.

We have partnered with the email marketing experts at Man In The Inbox.

We Have A Few Customers We Want You To Hear From

    review rating 5  Been working with Brett for many years on multiple projects. The insight, knowledge and suggestions given were top notch and helped me stay ahead of the competition. He has helped with website builds, SEO, Hubspot and marketing strategy. I would not hesitate to work with 216 Marketing again.

    thumb Stuart Chamberlain

    review rating 5  I have had a working relationship with the founder of 216 Marketing for over 4 years and he continues to impress his clients with follow through and performance. I can't express in short words the amount of skill and expertise that Brett has accumulated over the years. Not only that, but he uses everything he knows to his fullest potential to provide a return on your investment as a client. In Brett's years prior to 216 Marketing, he designed a marketing strategy that allowed our company to grow our inbound marketing presence by 300% overall in less than two years. I highly suggest that anyone looking for a digital marketing strategy go to him first. You won't be sorry. He made me look good in front of our CEO and board. We continue to work together on strategy for my private clients as well. Brett used Hubspot and his vast knowledge of SEO best practices to allow our company to compete against Lowe's and Home Depot.

    thumb Lee Quessenberry

    review rating 5  216 is extremely knowledgeable in creating overarching internet marketing strategies. I have learned how to improve my own business and stay up to date with the latest marketing trends.

    thumb Lynn Black